In today’s society recycling is a major part of all business processes. With the need of reintroducing materials which compose end life products back in the production process, the demand of equipment for transformation, conveying and separation of the recycled materials is constantly increasing.

Our range of products includes the following equipment:

• Hammer shredders for ferrous scrap
• Shredders for non-ferrous metal scrap
• Special shredders for different types of scrap
• Compost movers
• Presses for scrap volume reduction
• Shear-presses
• Separation devices
• Screen and vibrating screens
• Conveyors and vibrating transfers

The shredders for ferrous and non ferrous metals, for which we have an extensive range of production equipment are shown on the following tables, can be supplied as a single machine or as a “turn key” recycling facility.