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Società Metalmeccanica Friulana S.r.l.


Design is an early stage of a project lifecycle and is crucial, as it allows us to test an idea and determine its feasibility and cost.
Our design department also deals with the analysis, design and development of technical solutions to meet customer needs.
During the design phase, we analyse all the engineering aspects required for the mechanical design phase, as well as the electro-technical and process control software requirements, in order to deliver the best possible final result.


Our technical department, with the support of a staff with extensive knowledge of the engineering sector, develops the projects delivered by our design department or by our customers.

We process and prepare the drawings to be delivered to the workshop, with all the notes required for monitoring and traceability of the production process.


Metalworking is preliminary to the implementation of each individual project and /or to the construction of a plant The metalworking process is implemented in a dedicated site, in compliance with the highest quality standards, in order to ensure the success of the product.

We carry out the main processing activities for creating the components for our machinery and/or plants, and we only subcontract some processes for the creation of small parts to historical and reliable suppliers.


We carry out the main mechanical processing activities on the artefacts produced in our workshops or on raw material purchased externally. We have milling machines, boring mills, machining centres, lathes, mortising machines, small grinding machines and saw.

We carry out the main activities required for the production of our machines and we only outsource toothing operations, heat treatments and grinding processes.


In our workshops, we carry out painting activities using the most modern procedures with the aim of preserving the performance of tools and making defects such as smudging or dripping practically non-existent.

Painting is carried out in compliance with the provisions of current legislation on environmental emissions.


The mechanical components of equipment or machinery can be designed flawlessly, but if they are assembled incorrectly, they are unusable. The assembly of the components of a machine, therefore, can make a huge difference and affect the performance of your equipment.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can identify the most suitable intervention for this delicate phase.


We can supply machines equipped with all on-board systems and interconnecting piping, where requested or required. In particular, we provide air piping systems, hydraulic piping systems, lubrication piping and electrical systems, which undergo all leak tests before being shipped. For air, hydraulic and lubrication piping systems, we use a tube deformation system that allows us to skip the welding phase and speed up the production process while ensuring the same high quality levels.


Testing is a crucial stage. Process quality control ensures the exact correspondence between the final product and the project developed during the design phase.

We perform dimensional checks and we test the mechanical components and full machines, whether empty and / or loaded, to assess product compliance with the specifications of the design/project.


We have our own vehicles, such as crane trucks and articulated lorries so as to meet all shipping and local transport requests.

As for shipping outside Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy, we use reliable external carriers.


We also provide on-site assembly, so as to cover the whole range of processing cycle services.

With our on-site assembly service, every single component will work perfectly and efficiently.






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